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Released in 1996, Ichmael's first reggae album received critical acclaim in South Florida and beyond...LISTEN

just like that reggae cd


Ichmael's follow-up album improved on the first with driving roots rock reggae lyrics and an increasingly sophisticated arrangement, proving he was here to stay...LISTEN

set times reggae cd


The third roots rock reggae album proved what we knew all along: Ichmael is no fluke. Rather, he is dedicated to his craft and firmly tied to his beliefs...LISTEN

the covenant reggae cd


ichmael meets cat coore


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Ichmael's Live Reggae Music Performances

ichmael performing in florida
just like that
ichmael's reggae performance

ichmael visits jamaica
album art "the covenant"
ichmael in concert
ichmael roots rock reggae performance
the colors
ichmael with steel pulse singer david hinds
Ichmael greets Steel Pulse's David Hinds
ichmael with junior gong marley
Ichmael poses with Junior Gong Marley
ft. lauderdale concert
Ichmael performs. Photo by Ana Alvez
miami reggae performance
Ichmael performs in Miami, Fl.

Ichmael's Covenant

The Books of Moses

As an independent artist, I have the freedom to express my feelings without outside influences. I am able to speak the Truth, which is one of the 7 Pillars of Wisdom. Reasoning with my brethren to find the true meaning of our existence as Israelites, I’ve received many different views pertaining to the Most High.

During this search, I dug deeper into my story (not His-Story), to find the true meaning of who I and my brethren are. I’ve come to realize that many of our brothers have lost the WAY (Numbers 6).

I find that some choose to ignore the Torah: the first 5 books of Moses in the Bible. It contains over 613 instructions and more, given to the 12 Tribes of Israel – Jacob’s seed, scattered at home and abroad.

In these 5 books, I’ve come to understand the Most High’s instructions to a People whom he loves so much. Leviticus 23 gives us guidelines of the way to serve the Almighty, and points us to the true Sent One (Shalach).