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The Reggae Artist

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, this independent, "Roots Rock Reggae" artist learned early that, to maintain his freedom of expression and creative energy, he had to take full charge of his music career. ZADOK's audience quickly realizes that he's not merely laying down tracks for commercial gain. Rather, his message is a reflection of his beliefs.

As founder of Crawl Hill Recording Studio, ZADOK collaborates with world-class musicians—among them Willie Stewart, the legendary award-winning drummer of Third World band fame, and such iconic reggae talent as Kevon “Bam” Clarke, Duwayne Hoillete, David Simms, Chris Meredith, Paul Gauntlett, and Shanna Dazzle.

ZADOK writes, mixes, produces, and engineers his albums at Crawl Hill. The deep lyrical content on MAN A LION reflects ZADOK’s spiritual evolution and dedicated commitment to Truth—a journey that inspired a professional name change from "Ichmael," under which his previous three albums had been released.

ZADOK embraces the nuances his new name invokes to deliver a message through his music for “the true Israelites scattered in the West.” His vision is to see the 12 Tribes return to Torah livity.

Renewed interest in his earlier works is a testament to the authenticity and timelessness ZADOK brings to the Roots Rock Reggae genre. They are destined for re-release to bring them back to the future. ZADOK’s hauntingly familiar sound highlights the profound influence of conscious legendary greats like Robert Nesta Marley. Yet ZADOK brings his unique flair and sound. He still recalls how deeply inspired he was by a Burning Spear performance at his alma mater, Marcus Garvey Secondary School, in the beautiful north coast parish of St. Ann, Jamaica, where he spent the majority of his childhood. After living in the United States for almost 40 years, picking mangoes and playing cricket on the island are still among his most treasured memories.

ZADOK has extraordinary ability to use his knowledge of social and political truths and combine them with his songwriting talents and unique vocal layers to delight lovers of conscious reggae music in a way that is easy to appreciate and comprehend. ZADOK may well have been the best kept secret since Bob Marley and The Wailers. But that "secret" is out now.

One Love.