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Released in 1996, Ichmael's first reggae album received critical acclaim in South Florida and beyond...LISTEN

just like that reggae cd


Ichmael's follow-up album improved on the first with driving roots rock reggae lyrics and an increasingly sophisticated arrangement, proving he was here to stay...LISTEN

set times reggae cd


The third roots rock reggae album proved what we knew all along: Ichmael is no fluke. Rather, he is dedicated to his craft and firmly tied to his beliefs...LISTEN

the covenant reggae cd


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Roots Rock Reggae Music returns


he roots rock reggae singer who gave us “Just Like That” and “Set Times” has returned, stronger than ever, with a message for the true Israelites scattered in the West. He has recently released his third reggae album, “The Covenant” to critical acclaim from the reggae musician community and devotees of roots culture reggae music.

Raised in St. Ann’s, Jamaica, Ichmael grew up in a Christian home. In this environment, he was taught certain principles of life, yet there were things he questioned. On a quest for Truth, he also came to know Rastafarians. Exposed to these contrasting beliefs, he was drawn to search deeper and to inquire “who we are as a people.”

Ichmael was led to examine what was being taught regarding the Bible, so he started from the beginning: the first five books of Moses. They impressed upon him greatly the love that the Father has for His people.

ichmael performs

"The Covenant’s" purpose is to tickle the minds of all those who’ve lost the Way,” Ichmael says. “ After seeing so many going astray from the Father’s instructions, I wanted to use the medium of roots rock cultural reggae music to remind those of The Covenant of who they are.

The time has come to for us to come together as a people and stop the destruction of our generation, as well as the destruction of ourselves.” Observing what is going on in the world, he has witnessed prophesies being fulfilled before our very eyes, and wants “our people to wake up."

ichmael in concert miami
Ichmael performs in Ft. Lauderdale, FL