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Zadok, the artiste formerly known as Ichmael, is a reggae artist from Jamaica. He was born in Kingston, yet spent the majority of his childhood in St. Ann, on the island’s north coast, listening to cultural reggae music, picking mangoes, and playing cricket.

He was deeply influenced by the great Robert Nesta Marley, and recalls the time Burning Spear performed at Marcus Garvey Secondary School, his alma mater. This exposure to conscious reggae artistes sent him on a journey of questioning and research to understand the history of mankind, and who we are as a Nation.

ben zadok in concert
in performance in South Florida

Zadok has the innate ability to use his knowledge of biblical, social, and political truths, combined with his songwriting talents, and unique vocal layers, to delight lovers of reggae music in a way that is easy to appreciate and comprehend.

Zadok has produced three albums, collaborating with some very talented musicians along the way. He has just released a new single “We Hope and Pray” (featuring Kevon “Bam” Clarke on drums), one of the songs from his upcoming fourth album, “Man a Lion.” The new album is slated to be released early next year. This album was written, mixed, produced, and engineered by Zadok at Crawlhill Recording Studio. Adding their unique sound and talents are world-class reggae musicians Duwayne Hoillete (musician/guitar), Willie Stewart and David Simms (drums), Chris Meredith (bass), and Shanna Dazzle (harmony).

Their collaboration with Zadok on “Man a Lion” has helped to make this album his “magnum opus”. His deep lyrical content on the new album brings classic roots rock reggae back to the future. His music is authentic and timeless. We eagerly wait to see what the new album brings.

Raised in St. Ann’s, Jamaica, Zadok grew up in a Christian home. In this environment, he was taught certain principles of life, yet there were things he questioned. On a quest for Truth, he also came to know Rastafarians. Exposed to these contrasting beliefs, he was drawn to search deeper and to inquire “who we are as a people.”

Zadok's New Releases

From the new album "Man a Lion"

Image by Bess-Hamiti on Pixabay

Zadok's PreviousWork

From "Just like that" to "The Covenant"

Just Like That
just like that album cover

Released in 1996, Ichmael's first reggae album received critical acclaim in South Florida and beyond... Listen

Set Times
set times album cover

Ichmael's follow-up album improved on the first with driving roots rock reggae lyrics and an increasingly sophisticated arrangement, proving he was here to stay..Listen

The Covenant

The third roots rock reggae album proved what we knew all along: Ichmael is no fluke. Rather, he is dedicated to his craft and firmly tied to his beliefs...Listen